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Does the email read well? Fake emails are often littered with misspellings, poor grammar, etc. These mistakes actually help them avoid spam filters, but they should be a dead give-away that they are not from the real Gensci-jintropin.com. All our emails are written with care and proofread by industry professionals.

Is the page a 'pop-up'? Fake emails and Web sites will use pop-up windows to collect information. Pop up windows appear without any action on your part and have no address bar or navigation buttons. Gensci-jintropin.com will never ask you to provide information via a 'pop-up' (though we may occasionally use a pop-up to provide you with information).

Is there an attachment? Many fake emails will include an attachment that, if launched, could install spyware, launch a virus or more. Gensci-jintropin.com will never send you an attachment or software update via email.

If you have any Question ,you can contact us

  • we MSN/Email     :www.emsdhl.com@live.com 

    We Skype  :www.emsdhl.com@live.com

    we QQ        :375789855

    Phone Number:86+13938969178

    We Adrress:03-01-09 Xi Jian cai,Zhen PIng,NanYang, HeNan,China